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Meet Olive

Olive is a petite model standing at 5'2" with a weight of 105 pounds, featuring a distinctive D cup bust size. Her stature, while on the shorter side, presents a graceful silhouette complemented by her proportional measurements. Olive's build is slender and well-toned, suggesting a combination of natural physique and a healthy lifestyle. Her height and weight ratio perfectly balance, providing a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing body shape. Olive's notable bust size adds a unique aspect to her figure, making her an ideal candidate for fashion segments that require a blend of petite dimensions with a fuller bust line. Her overall physical characteristics make her suitable for various types of modeling, including commercial, fashion, and fitness, where her distinct measurements can be showcased effectively.

Height: 5'2 
Weight: 105lb
Bust: D

Olive 3.jpeg
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