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Meet Irene

Introducing the Irene 4' 11", 95lbs, Bust is C - a marvel of sophistication and grace. Say hello to the Irene-Petite 4.11, our latest embodiment of style and function. Standing at a petite 4 feet 11 inches and weighing a mere 95 pounds, this model combines a compact form with a lightweight design for effortless portability.

Irene's C-cup bust adds a touch of allure to her overall aesthetic, making her a versatile choice for various occasions. But there's more to Irene than just her captivating appearance. She seamlessly blends beauty with intelligence, featuring cutting-edge technology, including sensors, AI capabilities, and an intuitive interface that adapts to your unique preferences.

Whether you seek daily updates, assistance with tasks, or engaging in meaningful conversations, the Irene-Petite 4.11 has you covered. She offers a perfect synergy of charm and intelligence, setting a new benchmark for modern companionship and innovation.

Welcome to a new era with the Irene-Petite 4.11 - where elegance meets intelligence!


TER ID: 381271

Height: 4.11
Weight: 95lb 
Bust: C

Irene 2.jpeg
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