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Meet Reah

Reah is a stunning and vibrant individual, standing at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and maintaining a svelte physique at 110 pounds. Her silhouette is accentuated by a gracefully proportioned bust size of C, which complements her overall appearance with elegance and charm. With her petite frame, Reah exudes confidence and poise, carrying herself with grace in any setting she enters. Her fashion choices effortlessly highlight her unique features and impeccable style, making her a true trendsetter among her peers.

Beyond her physical attributes, Reah's personality shines just as brightly as her exterior. She possesses a warm and engaging demeanor that instantly draws people towards her. Reah's passion for life is infectious, and her determination and kindness make her an exceptional friend and companion. Whether she's pursuing her goals or spending time with loved ones, Reah's presence adds a touch of positivity and warmth to every moment, making her an unforgettable individual in every way.


TER ID: 375045

Height: 5.3
Weight: 110lb 
Bust: C

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