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The Service Queens

Peony and Chu stand out in the fashion industry for their exceptional synergy as models. Peony, at 5'6" and 110 pounds, brings an elegant and versatile presence, ideal for high fashion and couture. Her height and poise allow her to showcase a wide range of styles gracefully. Chu, contrasting at 5'2" and 95 pounds, adds a dynamic and contemporary edge. Her shorter stature and expressive ability complement Peony's elegance, together presenting a diverse range of fashion statements.

Their partnership goes beyond physical contrasts; it's their chemistry and understanding of each other's styles that create a seamless and dynamic flow in their work. This synergy, rare in the fashion industry, leads to powerful and memorable imagery, making them a favorite for photographers and designers. Their combined talents of elegance, energy, and expressiveness set them apart as a benchmark for dynamic and versatile modeling partnerships.


TER ID: 380505

Height: 5.6
Weight: 110lb 
Bust: C


TER ID: 372708

Height: 5.2
Weight: 95lb 
Bust: B

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